A way to inspire others,

express our faith, and reveal our passion for fine arts

Personal Touch

Our items are not found in any store, instead we design and hand make each of our special items to give you a one of a kind homelike product.

Faith Centered

It is our personal conviction that our work should be done with Christ at the center of our process.

Quality Work

There is no point in you spending your money on a product that wont last. We work with a fabulous off site fabrication company to ensure a product that with last.


But the LORD stood with me

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My grace is sufficient for you

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He is mighty to save

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I'm not done yet

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She knew that God freely gave her grace

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His mercies are new

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Contact Me:

Josh Ferguson

Designer / Photographer

Josh is a faith led, caffeine powered designer who loves to inspire others through his God given art skills.

Contact Me:

Laura Jackson

Thinker / Writer

Laura has some pretty amazing creativity with her ideas and the way she can take a thought and make it reality.


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